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The price of the self service dog wash is divided in four categories and is based on Dog size and time spent on the washing and drying stations.

The prices below are for 20 minutes of tub time and 20 minutes of dryer time

There will be a surcharge of $5.00 for each extra 15 minutes.

From 0.1 to 20 pounds ... 9.95

From 21 to 40 pounds ... 10.95

From 41 to 60 pounds ... 11.95

This prices includes:

20 minutes OF Tub Time

20 minutes of drying time



Combs and Brushes

Ear Wash

SUDaPUP is a first come, first served doggie wash.  Appointments are not necessary, but recommended on Saturdays.

To make an Appointment, call 972-527-3800



SPCA of Texas

Canine Companions

Pet Janitor

2070 W. Spring Creek Pkwy.
Suite 306
Plano, TX 75023